Employment Solicitors - Who Needs Them?

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Without lawyers like employment solicitors Birmingham, anyone can feel helpless or isolated in British society. That's why everybody needs representation when it comes to matters that are important in our lives, like employment laws.

Employment solicitors Birmingham are a distinct grouping of attorneys in a specific English geographic location. The first impression most people have about the lawyering profession is that lawyers are rather expensive to have. Also, there are times when we do not have a choice or say when there's a need to defend ourselves in a court of law. However, there are so-called pro bono lawyers available.

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The History of Law

Nowadays, many people think that laws are meant to be broken. There is also the impression that laws impede progress rather than enabling it. However, laws emerged in civilized life in order to bring order, stability, and peace to society at large.

Still, that's no excuse for all the bureaucracy and rubber stamping that laws sometimes perpetuate. For no matter how good the intention of the law is, execution can be something else. And it goes both ways: as instrument for good or an escape clause.

How Precedents Get Legal Matters Started

The very first law started as a means to settle a dispute between two individuals. Formally known as the precedent, precedents do pile up until an established course of action emerges. Hence, when the time comes for a judge or jury to interpret the laws to the letter, reliance on the jurisprudence that has formed over time becomes paramount.

That's why if you are well-versed on laws in regards to a specific discipline or a sector of society, it's relatively easy to predict what's coming when a court verdict is reached. Precedents are rarely overturned, unless a society is overcome by anarchy or despotic rule. Still, there can be pleasant and unpleasant surprises a times.

Brexit: A Perfect Example of How Regulations Change

The British referendum on whether to separate or not from the European Union (EU) is a perfect example of how laws can change. When the yes vote won, authorities had to come up with a set of laws to govern the sovereign will's implementation. Unfortunately, nothing is cast in stone.

As a result, it might take some time before the smoke clears to reveal the true winner. Regulations aside, a second vote may be necessary to decide the matter once and for all. As the debate rages on in the UK parliament, only time will tell if the will of the British people will prevail or change.

Why Faithfulness to Existing Laws Is Important

So when you come to think of it, it's actually humanity that decides the fate of the rule of law. Going to law school is expensive. But that doesn't mean that we can easily get rid of legal counsels altogether. No matter how imperfect, a lawyer's job is to blue-pencil the bad spelling of society.

Until the perfect law emerges, either from the mouths of distinguished parliamentarians, judges or city councillors, the best course of action is to follow the existing rules to the letter. For as if having a life of its own, like water, the law does eventually seek its own level.